Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Things We’ve Learned

In no particular order:

- Don’t sit under coconut trees when it’s windy

- Never take malaria pills on an empty stomach

- No matter where you are, random children yelling “hello” will always make you smile

- Watch out for the bones

- Bring your own toilet paper

- The Guinness is better in Ireland

- Plan ahead, but don’t plan ahead

- Eventually you get used to the ants

- Crossing time zones is different than travelling through time

- You don’t need a mobile phone

- Always have snacks in case of monkey attacks

- No matter what happens, talking to your family will make it better

- Look out for missing sewer grates

- A lot of places smell like pee

- “Putra Jaya” is different than “Puduraja”

- No one’s going to fix that skipping CD

- Off the beaten track isn’t always worth visiting

- Smiling makes things better

- It’s impossible to find a good cheeseburger in Southeast Asia

- There’s always room for one more

- It may not be perfect, but Canada is a good place to call home

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