Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Skip-Bo World Tour-Nament of Champions – Update #4

Well Skip-Bo fans… we’ve had an amazing fourth and final quarter in the Skip-Bo World Tour-Nament of Champions!!!

The competition was fierce and fiery to the very end, with leads being shrunk, tables being turned and surprises all over the place.

To start, the victory purse was sweetened through a generous donation courtesy of Robyn’s Mom, Joan – she volunteered to bake the winner a cake.

Or at least, she sort of volunteered…

“Joan – can you bake the winner a cake?”

The inclusion of a delicious treat into the mix caused both the competitors to spring into action, making for one of the most dramatic show-downs in the history of Skip-Bo play.

At the end of the tournament’s third quarter, Robyn was leading by 3 games. And over the next 6 weeks, she not only doubled, but QUINTUPLED this lead to 15 games, making a victory for Eric seem next to impossible.

But Eric still had fight left in him and slowly shrunk down the overwhelming gap. And not only did he turn the tides, but for a short time he actually regained the lead by 3 games.

But in the end, Eric was no match for Robyn’s sweet-tooth…

With the series tied at 190 wins a piece and with time ticking down as they waited in Heathrow Airport for their flight home, Robyn defeated Eric in a nail-biter game to claim her victory…

And eventually, her dessert.

Therefore, the final standing is as follows:

Robyn – 191 games
Eric – 190 games

Congratulations Robyn – you earned this victory!

Um, can I have a slice?

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